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Post a Comment. Leah Good. Kristiana, hard at work! Scholastic wanted to branch out into the Christian market, so they asked me to come up with a series featuring a young girl who relies on her faith to get through tough times.


I was thrilled by the challenge and opportunity to create Nessa Clemens and all the other characters who become her friends. My mom and I traveled to Fort Larned, Kansas, to interview rangers and historians. It was really hard to end Book Four because I became so attached to the characters. Apparently readers did, too, because the outpouring of letters was phenomenal. I learned that fictional characters can feel like real friends.

To encourage kids to read. We talked about the operations at their ranches, delving into some of the details around their breed of cattle, the Beefmaster. We discussed the apprentice and intern programs at Ranchlands, and why he and his family value teaching and educating both the general public and the next generation of land stewards. He also explains Ranchlands open gate policy, and how that philosophy differs from some of the conventional wisdom around access to land in the West. We also discuss books, his heroes and mentors, flying helicopters, lessons learned from living and working internationally, and much more.

I guarantee it will be an inspiring and fun evening. There are many important lessons to be learned from this conversation with Duke— check the episode notes below for a full list of everything we discussed. Hope you enjoy! Posted on September 20, by Ed Roberson.

On August 30th more than folks gathered at the historic Ellen Theatre in downtown Bozeman to watch, listen, and participate in a wide-ranging conversation with four amazing women of the West—hat-maker and farmer Cate Havstad ; silversmith and all-around artist Jillian Lukiwski ; adventure photographer and writer Becca Skinner ; and rancher and county commissioner Juanita Vero. We also held a raffle that benefited the Montana Land Reliance and the critical conservation work it is doing throughout the state of Montana.

Then I spent about an hour and fifteen minutes asking the women questions about their lives, work, and a shared love of western landscapes. After that, we had some excellent questions from the audience, followed by a few words from the Jessie Weisse from the Montana Land Reliance. A heartfelt thank you to Cate, Jillian, Becca, and Juanita for being so open, thoughtful, and funny with all of their answers—the evening would not have been even a fraction of the success it was without their participation.

Thanks to Becca Frucht for her energizing welcome and for figuring out a way to work Road House into her remarks. Thank you to the Montana Land Reliance for all of their important work throughout the state and for being part of the evening.

Monster Brook Trout on the Prairie and Plover Rivers

C lick Here to Download on Google Play. William deBuys is a renowned writer and c onservationist who is known as one of the most influential thinkers in the modern-day American West.

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For more than 40 years, Bill has owned and tended a small farm in the Sangre de Cristo mountains of northern New Mexico, a property that has heavily influenced his life, work, and appreciation for land. Bill was born and raised on the east coast but moved to New Mexico after college to take a job as a research assistant with writer Robert Coles.

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Bill found himself immersed in the arid landscape of the American Southwest and very quickly fell in love with the people, culture, and terrain. His life serves as an inspiring case study of how to meld on-the-ground conservation work with high-level aspirational writing and journalism.

My biggest challenge with this conversation was figuring out how to fit five hours of questions into a single hour! We start by discussing how Bill ended up in New Mexico, and then chat a good bit about his farm. We discuss lessons learned from his work in land conservation, and techniques he uses to find common ground among competing stakeholders.

We also discuss several of his books, and how writing each book has influenced his perspective and appreciation for his beloved New Mexico home. Bill offers up a useful and completely unique technique for summoning gratitude, a practice I believe we all can benefit from. And as usual, we discuss his favorite books, his favorite location in the West, and the best advice he ever received.

It was a dream come true to spend time with Bill at his farm, so I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did. Be sure the check the episode notes for links to everything we discussed! Posted on September 4, by Ed Roberson. Blog , Books , Conservation , History , Podcast.

Emilene Ostlind is a Wyoming-based journalist and storyteller whose work focuses on the landscapes, natural resources, and communities of the American West. Emilene grew up at the base of the Big Horn Mountains in Wyoming, a third-generation Wyomingite from a family closely connected to ranching and the land. After earning her undergraduate degree from the University of Wyoming, she landed a job in Washington DC with National Geographic, where she learned first hand the power of storytelling as a means of communicating important, complex issues.

We dig deep into the specifics of pronghorns and discuss why they are one of the more interesting and impressive North American mammals. We talk about how Emilene initially became interested in pronghorn migrations, and how the project began and played out over several years. We also discuss her work editing Western Confluence and the book Wild Migrations. And of course we discuss favorite books, so be sure to check the episode notes for links to all of those— there are a lot of new titles.

But in the meantime, enjoy my fun and educational conversation with Emilene Ostlind. Posted on August 19, by Ed Roberson. Regardless of whether or not you listen to my episode, I highly encourage you to check out Down to Earth. The host Mary-Charlotte is a journalistic pro who likes to dive deep in the nuances of agriculture and has interviewed some of the most impressive people working in agriculture today present company excluded.

Thanks again to Down to Earth for being interested in my work, and thanks to you all for listening.

Run River North Stays The Course — And Finds Success | Prairie Public Broadcasting

Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions. I was turned on to her podcast when she interviewed my friend—artist, surfer, and family-man Kevin Mirsky —and I was thrilled and a little nervous when she asked me to join her on the show. Posted on August 7, by Ed Roberson.

Morgan has only been painting since , with virtually no artistic training prior. Her innate talent is matched only by her work ethic and commitment to the craft—she has built her life around the process of making art, which is inspiring and instructive for anyone with creative aspirations.

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  8. Morgan was born in Durango and spent her youth in various parts of the West, including Alaska and Idaho. After college in the flat midwest, she immediately returned to more rugged landscapes, working in Alaska and eventually landing in Bozeman. So rather than wallow and complain, she moved on from that job and soon thereafter, discovered her talent for painting. We talk about the remote cabin where Morgan lives and paints, and why she needs solitude and open spaces for maximum creative output.

    Kristiana Gregory

    We discuss her daily routine and how she primes her artistic mindset through hiking, meditation, and writing. We also discuss how she blocks out distractions and her techniques for using the productive aspects of social media while avoiding the time-wasting traps. We obviously talk about the point when she discovered her talent for painting and how she has honed that talent through workshops and mentorships from top painters. Posted on July 22, by Ed Roberson. Adventures , Blog , History , Podcast. Heather Hansman is a freelance writer and editor whose work explores the intersection of science, adventure, and culture.

    There are few topics in the West as divisive and emotional as water, and in her book, Heather provides a balanced overview of all the issues, delving deep into the substance of water-related arguments, without crossing over into the mind-numbing jargon that defines most water-related writing. Along the way, she meets with a wide range of western water stakeholders—ranchers, farmers, river guides, government employees, scientists, conservationists, and more—and digs into their sometimes competing interests fighting for their shares of water in the West.

    But the book is far from an academic examination of water law—Heather paddled two-thirds of the river completely alone, so there is also a compelling adventure narrative that runs throughout the book.