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Principal caregivers Lauren began her diary in March and the court noted that she was treated for an eating disorder and borderline personality disorder at the time. She moved to San Diego in to study psychology and married Mummy — a health industry entrepreneur and author — in At Lauren's request, the Jacobsons moved to San Diego in , where they would often act as principal caregivers to the two children while their parents worked. Benke's judgment revealed that Lauren's visit to the Welgevonden Game Reserve was made to reset her unravelling life, in which she had become addicted to alcohol and the prescription medication Vicodin.

In a South African magistrate found that an untrained guide, Milton Mnguni, had wrongly allowed Lauren to take photographs within 37m of an elephant cow, which charged and crushed her. Mnguni 43 and the owners of the private park were convicted of culpable homicide.

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He said that 18 months after his wife's death "I [opened] her old Nike bag and one of the first things that came out was this journal from the Cornell Medical Outpatient Centre. I read it and my blood froze. In an entry dated April 15 , she wrote: "I mean, what is the big deal — dad raped me. It's just hands and penis and body. How could I tell him to stop? No one cared. However, just two weeks later, Lauren appeared to retract everything: "I'm a liar. I'm an attention seeker so desperate for attention that I go around telling wicked lies about my parents.

Obviously I had to act to protect my children from that point. Lauren's group therapist told Mummy that Lauren had confirmed her diary claims in group sessions. However, Mummy had already signed an agreement with Ivor that the Jacobsons could control Lauren's R9-million life insurance payout as trustees for the children, if Ivor was able to recover the money. The Insurer, MetLife, initially contested the claim due to unpaid instalments, but Ivor negotiated the release of the full amount. Mummy — newly enraged by the diary claims — launched a legal challenge which resulted in such a blizzard of litigation that, by , MetLife stated to court: "MetLife cannot determine whether the proceeds are payable to Patrick, Ivor, Joan, Susan or Nancy — it has no interest in the controversy between the defendants.

Psychosexual evaluation This week, Ivor alleged: "This entire saga — which beggars belief — is about [the Mummys'] revenge at not getting the money they wanted and which we are now safely holding in trust for the children.

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The results were inconclusive. Ivor said: "The three tests they used on me are used only for convicted sex felons — the indignity was appalling. However, Benke stated that, while the evaluations were under way, Ivor asked an "attorney service" to investigate Mummy's new wife, digging up a confidential evaluation from her previous divorce. Benke marvelled: "Although the evaluation was labelled "confidential," [Ivor's] counsel reviewed it and discovered that [Mummy's new wife] had herself been molested as a child by her stepfather.

One lower court found that this history had unduly influenced Mummy to jump to conclusions and added: "Patrick's concerns about Ivor [are] not rational.

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Fierce objections This week, Ivor insisted that the confidential report was unearthed "completely by accident". A court-appointed psychologist, Dr Clark Clipson, found "no substantial risk of sexual abuse" with Ivor, which helped him win visitation rights in the superior court. The look caused a sensation with photographers at the event.

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Lauren explains how she likes to wear coats as dresses and the one she put on from Erdem for the Givenchy show. For the Schiaparelli show, Lauren was once again pretty in pink. Her dress is by Esme Vie and the jewels are her signature pieces from Kristen Farrell. Lauren reviews how to pack delicate jewelry for a journey in this video featuring her Wendy Yue jade earrings.

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Lauren wearing Rodarte and Kristen Farrell jewels on the streets. The yellow lace dress from Rodarte is a look Lauren describes as Tudor style. Lauren talks about the fitting process for her Rodarte dress and how she styled her jewels and accessories in this video. On the New York Times Fashion Instagram account the image above was far and away the most popular of the season. Little bit of Welsh is necessary in this diary entry as I went to the Eisteddfod on Saturday!

It was a great day and it was amazing to share the Welsh culture with fellow residents of Wales. We arrived at about 9am which is really early and went to have a look around. There were so many stalls there! I think my personal favourite was the Techniquest stall since I love visiting the actual place. Dylan ate so many sweets that he felt sick. Totally his own fault, but the sweets did look really nice. Whilst Dylan tried to keep his food down, Mum and I explored all the stalls. We even bumped into CLIC!

And Dylan did some colouring on the Meic stand.

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I must try and talk mum and dad to taking us on a tour of the BBC studios some day. Grandad Bibli was also with her and bought some cute things for the garden.

Not sure what, exactly… I think it was a Welsh Lady?