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No, seriously. KFC restaurants were forced to shut down in England because of supplier issues.

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It definitely angered customers who drove to their local restaurants only to find out that they were shut down because they had no chicken to cook and sell. This was a masterpiece in PR and I commend the company for coming out with a strong image and message. It could have easily spent its time blaming the supplier for the issues, but decided to take the high route and apologize to customers, team members, and partners. KFC for the past week was a chicken place that literally could not sell chicken.

It doesn't get any worse than that. It's any restaurant's worse nightmare.

What does legal tender mean?

The best part about this ad is that the company addressed the obvious right away. That shows it understands the irony of the situation and is as embarrassed as you can imagine it to be.

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The British have a good sense of humor, so I think they would really appreciate the situation. Either way, it was fantastic. The first words on the ad were "I'm sorry. They prefer to describe their music as 'electronic soul' [2] and 'pop noir' [3] with their main instruments being analogue synthesizers.

Their brand of synthesizer driven pop music is commonly compared to the sound of bands such as Kraftwerk , Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark , Depeche Mode and Blancmange. The two met in Brighton in and started working on the idea of, according to them, the ideal group, in May James: "This ideal group would have visuals as part of their live experience. It would have things going on on pavements. It would play in the middle of a room.

Once the basics were set, James Arguile [8] would soon join the group followed by Josef Page, leaving behind him a promising career in hospital administration, as the final member and they started working on their visuals which would include suits and ties and keeping control over their artwork and videos. Their first live performance was in May at New Hero in Brighton. After demoing some songs that year such as "Fear of Drowning", "Hide and Seek", "Searching in the Wilderness" and "Write Through the Night" called "Organ Song" as a demo, because of the heavy usage of organ-soundlike synthesizers , the first single would become " Look at Me ", [9] released through the Pure Groove label, supposedly to be limited to just copies on a one-sided red vinyl 7".

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After this they came to the attention of Skint Records. Skint Records appeared to be an obvious choice, because the label is from Mirrors' home town Brighton, making face-to-face contact much easier. Having written most of the material already in , the album sessions could be finishing in just one month. The first single from these sessions was " Ways to an End ", released on 23 August as a download and 7" vinyl single.

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The new single features a new remix by Simon Thornton. On 8 July they performed live in Berlin, Germany, at the Michalsky Stylenite fashion show which was streamed live on the internet [19].

The digital bundle contains a remix and an instrumental version of the aforementioned remix. Two new songs were made available on the band's Myspace account and SoundCloud on 19 October They also confirmed that the remaining three band members will continue and are back in the studio recording further tracks. Skint released a digital compilation EP of previously released remixes plus a few new ones, entitled Deconstructed.

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The EP contains the two new songs that were made available in October plus 5 previously unreleased demos, which were recorded either in the last couple of months or during their first album session in June From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Mirror disambiguation. For the Cleveland proto-punk band, see Mirrors Ohio band.