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She had come there in person, desperately seeking an abortion.

She is thinking about ending her pregnancy. These were my questions -- not, Is this a crime? And we know for many women, this is not the issue.

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Karolina had her own pregnancy scare in , and vividly remembers fruitlessly searching online for help. Some in the reproductive rights movement wonder whether their almost celebratory attitude towards abortion could be counterproductive in the conservative Catholic country. Arguably, it is the conservative effort to ban abortion altogether that has been the most counterproductive strategy in recent years. Public support for legal abortion rose in the months between March and October of , reversing a trend of declining social acceptance of abortion that had been in place since By , Poland recorded over , abortions per year, a number that declined to about , a year with the spread of contraceptive use, according to Mishtal.

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Shortly after the socialist regime crumbled in , the newly elected Polish Parliament proposed an abortion ban to appease the Church. Poland now has an official legal abortion tally of about 1, per year in a country of over 38 million people, while hard-to-verify estimates place the number of illegal abortions between 50, to , Poland also has one of the lowest rates of contraception take-up in the European Union, with less than half of partnered women using a modern contraceptive method, due to a lack of sex education, stigma, and Catholic doctors and pharmacists who refuse to prescribe or supply them.

Around the same time that Poland transitioned to democracy, France became the first country to license the mifepristone for use in combination with another drug now commonly misoprostol to induce early abortion. Since then, the process has been refined into the two-step procedure widely used today all over the world including in the U.

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  • A packet of abortion pills includes mifepristone, which is taken first to block progesterone, a hormone needed to sustain pregnancy, followed 24 to 48 hours later by tablets of misoprostol, which causes violent uterine contractions, cramps, and bleeding, symptoms that resemble a miscarriage. A package of pills costs 75 euros to 95 euros when ordered from Women Help Women or Women on the Web, although both sites offer discounts or free pills to women who cannot afford to pay.

    Wigton man given life sentence for attempted murder

    Court saw video of Sharif renting the truck at a shop in Leduc. Tamara Gorman testified Sharif told her all the Edmonton U-Haul dealers were sold out because it was the end of the month. Gorman said Sharif initially wanted a larger truck but that the footer was all they had. Court heard Sharif then drove back to Edmonton, where he hailed a taxi at Kingsway Mall. At p. The first to spot it was rookie Const. Brodie Quenneville Thorpe, who had been on the street for just eight days. He told court the man behind the wheel matched the suspect description and had a noticeable lump on his forehead.

    Thorpe and Paulino jumped in their cruiser. The U-Haul exited onto Avenue, leading a growing tail of police vehicles down the hill to the Dawson Bridge.

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    The police tactical unit quickly took command of the pursuit. Scott Innes, the tactical lead that night, rode shotgun in a covert police SUV. The jury saw security camera footage of the truck as it made its way down Jasper Avenue, running red lights and driving left of centre. The truck hit Paul Biegel, launching the year-old over a barrier along the wall of the bar. A split second later, it hit Jack Zubick, who was a short distance down the alley. Innes and Const. Jay Reinelt had turned north on Street a few seconds earlier.

    When they saw headlights speeding down the alley, Reinelt threw the SUV in reverse. He wanted to end the pursuit by ramming the truck, but it glanced off without changing direction. A block later, the truck turned south on Street.

    She suffered a head injury and a broken leg and had no memory of even being on Jasper Avenue. At first Innes thought he was looking at a piece of debris.

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    • He assumed she was dead. A police pickup driven by Const. Denis Plesa was by then the lead pursuit vehicle.

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      He accelerated and hit the side of the U-Haul, tipping it on its side at Street and Avenue. Almost six inches of the blade was buried into the bony structures within Mr Pattinson's skull by the potentially lethal blow, the knife tip missing a key artery by millimetres. I tried to pull it the knife out of my face but it wouldn't move. It was removed during delicate emergency hospital surgery and Mr Pattinson was placed into a three-day induced coma. Left with facial numbness and tinnitus, he said in an impact statement: "I was doing well with my boxing career and was looking to progress through the ranks but advice from the surgeon is to have some time away from boxing to prevent any further injury.

      Topping was arrested on the night after a lengthy stand-off at his Mulligans Court home in Wigton during which he asked police: "Has he died? I hope he's died because if he hasn't Topping, who opted not to give evidence during his trial and had shown "no remorse", did admit assaulting Mr Pattinson's mother, Lisa Dixon, by punching her in the head after the stabbing; threatening her husband, Neil Dixon, with a second knife; illegal possession of that blade in public; and an affray charge linked to the stand-off with officers.

      Sentencing Topping today FRI , Judge James Adkin heard Topping was previously jailed in for stabbing three males - two in the throat and one through the arm - and, a decade later, holding a blade to a female's throat. Handing down a life jail term, Judge Adkin concluded Topping was a "very dangerous man indeed". Topping must serve 10 years behind bars before a parole board starts to review whether he is suitable for release.

      How to Make Abortion Great Again

      Speaking after the sentencing, Detective Inspector, Matt Scott, said: "This was an incredibly violent incident for which the victim was extremely lucky to survive. This sends out a clear message to those who engage in violent behaviour that they can expect for this to result in time in prison. We are not complacent and we will continue to protect people across the county through conducting engagement work and robust investigations, as evidenced in this case.